Drone Workshops

Commercial Drone Training (CDT) have a number of workshops available to their students during the fully residential 5 day course and on stand alone courses.  Workshops provide you with an overview of particular subject's or drone hardware that will enable you to decide if your business would benefit commercially from providing that service / using the hardware.  CDT also run 4 or 5 day intensive workshop sessions for persons holding their PFAW and wanting to expand their knowledge base.

Most of our competitors offer external drone services to clients - as you will, and therefore you are competition to them.  Competitors offer the minimum service to get your PFAW as educating you in further advanced techniques would make you direct competition.  CDT do not undertake any other jobs and put their sole efforts into giving you the information to become a successful operator.  Our course contributors are all active in the civilian drone field, successful and experienced in the operations you plan to do. 

Dronedeploy Overview Workshop


3D Modelling software automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight drones or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. This desktop / cloud based software converts your images into highly precise, timely and customizable results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.  The 3D Modelling workshop is a 2 hour overview of the software and its uses in the commercial world.

The Workshop consists of

  • Software overview and licensing
  • Professional uses
  • Live demo using pictorial information previously acquired to produce data

This workshop is given by an Industry Professional with 20 years experience in CAD / 3D modelling.

FLIR Vue™ Pro Workshop

Take drone thermal imaging and data recording to the new heights with Vue Pro.  With FLIR Vue™ you get all the thermal imager you need for sUAS operations without having to pay for functionality you'll never use.  Designed for professional use, FLIR Vue Pro is more than a thermal camera, it is a thermal measurement instrument and data recorder that adds tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services.

The FLIR Vue workshop is a 2 hour overview of the camera and its professional uses and limitations.

This work shop is given by Ricky Huntley

Aerial Structure Survey Workshop 

Mike Green has a Degree in Building Surveying and has worked as a contract surveyor for private practices and social housing clients throughout his airline and drone flying career.  Mike has integrated drones into his survey work where legal and has helped push drones as legitimate tools for visual building surveys.   This 5 hour practical workshop will cover:

  • Benefits / Limitations of drone surveys
  • Drone surveys and the law
  • Producing Method Statements & Risk Assessments (A requirement for sites) 
  • Site set up and practical survey demonstration
  • Aerial survey techniques
  • Dangers of close proximity work 
  • Report writing & presentation techniques
  • Tracked roof rover vehicle overview (for when the weather is against you, see rover workshop below)

Each student will leave the course with a standard method statement / risk assessment & survey report template to base further reports on.

Drone Parachute Systems Workshop

The DJI Drop Safe and Skycat parachute drop speed reduction systems are the most popular on the market.  This workshop gives an overview of both systems including:

  •  Frame attachment
  •  System set up
  •  Deployment systems (Drop Safe, Skycat)
  •  Demonstration available during 5 day residential course

Rob Locke will give a 3 hour overview of the drop safe system on the DJI S900, fitting requirements and frequent issues encountered. He can also help with your Zenmuse Gimbal set up and is an expert with the Panosonic GH4.  Rob will also give an overview of his two camera system on the S900 / S1000 enabling the remote pilot to have a forward facing camera at all times whilst splitting the video channel.

Motor Failure Procedures Workshop

The Naza-m, Wookong & A2 flight controllers are capable of maintaining control of a hexicopter or octocopter upon failure of a motor.  This practical workshop allows you to experience a motor failure using CDT's specially adapted standard hexicopter and octocopter in the X8 layout.  The workshop is advantageous in the following ways:

  • Allows the student to experience a motor failure in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Teaches the student to recognise the signs of a motor failure in flight.
  • Explains the forces acting upon the drone whilst in the motor failure condition.
  • Teaches the student the immediate responses to carry out to ensure the Drone comes home safely.
  • Allows the student to plan a rotor failure scenario into their landing phase of flight.
  • Gives the student the practical and theoretical knowledge to amend their emergency procedures.
  • Allows the student to see the advantages of flying in the X8 configuration during a motor failure.

Operations Manual Workshop 

The completion of an Operations Manual (Vol 1) is a mandatory requirement for gaining your Permission for Aerial Work.  It is by far the most complex part of the course, being upto 40 pages long and usually takes a person with no aviation experience 30 hours to complete spread over weeks of spare time.

CDT use an external consultant with over 15 years of aviation & operations manual experience to undertake a series a workshops, going through in detail each section of the Manual to the template in CAP722.  The Workshop in total takes upto 12 hours (with plenty of breaks & lunch / dinner).  Electronic copies of the template are given to students before the course and attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops into the workshop to fill in template sections themselves as the workshop progressess.  During the last 4 hours of the workshop students are left to complete the manual whilst receiving guidance from our external consultant if required.  

This method is the most straight forward & time efficient way to complete your Operations Manual and will literally save you weeks of guess work or lots of email exchanges as is the way with our competitors.    

The UK CAA has written guidance notes in CAP722 on Operations Manual production and has kindly issued a template to follow.  Our consultant follows this template to the letter, this helps if you wish to go on to apply for a Volume 3 (Close Proximity Application). 

By attending the workshop and putting in some extra effort completing your document you can leave the course on the 5th day with all the paperwork to apply immediately to the CAA for your PFAW.  

Show Reel Footage Workshop 

Chris is a national senior sailing champion on the Plaining Moth.  He will brief you as a client for a promotional video he wants producing. Chris will also brief you on the technical aspects of manouvring his boat and what position he expects the drone to be in whilst undertaking tacking and jibing manouvres.  The drone pilot and gimbal operator must work together to get the required shots which you will present to chris at the end of the workshop.

This is a great opportunity on a private lake to see how challenging multi crew drone work is and to gain valuable show reel footage.  Drone crews must be ready to undertake all manor of jobs and deal with all sorts of clients, the fast nature of the Plaining Moth ensures communication skills between pilot and gimbal operator are tested.

CDT are talking to a number of sporting professionals from Motor Cross to Hovercraft Racing giving you the exposure to real world operastions ensuring you are job ready. 

Website Search Engine Optimisation 

Maintaining the position of your website near the top in the Search Engine Results without spending money on advertising is a science that few people know. Getting found near the top of the internet search engine results page gets you work.  Roy Horton, a SEO expert uses the techniques taught in this workshop to maintain his website high in the search rankings.  Maintaining your position in the rankings does mean you have to spend some time every day carrying out the advice Roy will give you, but will save you lots of money and even make you money by being found online.

Video Editing Workshop

Your showreel is the only way your potential clients can see the quality of your work, editing is a skill of its own like flying a drone.  

Photography Workshop

Get to know the key elements of photography including some easy to learn effects (like selective focus shown in the photo below) in a three hour workshop given by Mike Green.  Mike draws on his experience founding & runnning  www.aerialfoto.co.uk a successful drone business based in the South West.  Please look at the website to see the quality of the pictures taken, with the photography & videography techniques passed onto our students. 

DJI_0002 (2).JPG


Sprite Drone Workshop

The Sprite drone is an ingenious piece of drone engineering and CDT believe this will be the future of portable back pack based drones with S&R capabilites.  CDT have pre-ordered the Sprite Drone and is forecasted to arrive early 2016.  This workshop details the functions of the Sprite and includes a practical demonstration.