Commercial Drone Training (CDT) have a number of workshops available to their students during the fully residential 5 day course.  Workshops provide you with an overview of particular subject's or drone hardware that will enable you to decide if your business would benefit commercially from providing that service / using the hardware. 

PIX4D Overview Workshop

Pix 4d

Pix4D software automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight drones or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. This desktop software converts your images into highly precise, timely and customizable results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.  The PIX4D workshop is a 2 hour overview of the software and its uses in the commercial world.

The Workshop consists of

  • Software overview and licensing
  • Professional uses
  • Live demo using pictorial information previously acquired to produce data
  • 1 month acces to PIX4D demo site

This workshop is given by Michael Green.

FLIR Vue™ Pro Workshop

Take drone thermal imaging and data recording to the new heights with Vue Pro.  With FLIR Vue™ you get all the thermal imager you need for sUAS operations without having to pay for functionality you'll never use.  Designed for professional use, FLIR Vue Pro is more than a thermal camera, it is a thermal measurement instrument and data recorder that adds tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services.

The FLIR Vue workshop is a 2 hour overview of the camera and its professional uses and limitations.

This work shop is given by Ricky Huntley