Night Rating Overview

Flying your drone at night is a perfect way to increase revenue over the winter months, CDT are offering a full night training package and night flight for £150.  See timetable and course overview below.   If you fancy getting here the night before and doing some group night practice in our 92 acre estate with one of our instructors, accommodation and breakfast is available from £27 per night. 

Next Night Course Exeter - September 11th 2018

Course Overview

1). Principles of Night Flight

  • Definition of night flight.
  • Differences between night and daytime flight.
  • Overview of equipment required to undertake a night flight.
  • Human factors related to operating at night.
  • Depth perception during flight in darkness.
  • Flight planning overview.
  • Crash Management

2). Law Related to Night Flying

  • Overview of CAA regulations regarding flying SUSA at night.
  • Insurance requirements regarding flight at night.
  • Data protection act.
  • Is there reduced flight (VLOS) restrictions at night.

3). Changes to Ops Manual for Flying at Night

  • Overview of required changes required to Ops Manual & Vol 2.

4). Daylight site walk through / survey

  • Full site walk through / site-survey during daylight hours to pick up any obstructions / issues.

5). Test Brief & Planning

  • Flight test brief given by examiner.
  • Full planning / briefing given by student of flight location / task to be undertaken.
  • Verbal examination undertaken by student.

6). Night Flight Test 

  • Full site survey to be undertaken by student.
  • Take off area and SUSA set up undertaken by student.
  • Flight test to include non normal (emergencies) situations.
  • Full debrief.