Drone Training South West

CDT carry out 3 days of drone training & testing in one residential setting enabling us to report to the CAA that a student has demonstrated the capability to operate safely such aircraft within the under 20kg (small class), and that the student meets the three critical elements* that comprise acceptable evidence of pilot competency.

 * The three critical elements are the successful completion of:

                - Ground School & General Airmanship Theory Examination               

                - Practical Flight Assessment

                - Operations Manual Approval (to CAP 722 Template)

The above elements can be completed in 3 days in our rural residential training school near Exeter.

CDT enhance pilot safety by offering 2 days of practical training elements (not compulsory) into the training course on day 4 and 5, based on real world scenarios including planning, setting up and undertaking two full drone operations during the course.  

During practical exercises one of the team will take high quality photographs of you operating in your corporate clothing for you to use on your website (examples are shown throughout this website).

The outline course timetable is shown below.  The coloured boxes show the minimum course attendance to leave with the documentation to apply to the CAA for your licence.  In the evenings we actively encourage you to socialise with us and your fellow students, the course staff will dine with you in our on-site bistro and stay on site.  An instructor will be available every evening until 11pm in the library to answer queries etc.