Drone Operations Manual Workshop

The completion of an Operations Manual (Vol 1) is a mandatory requirement for gaining your PfCO.  It is by far the most complex part of the course, being upto 40 pages long and usually takes a person with no aviation experience 30 hours to complete spread over weeks of spare time.

During the course CDT use an external consultant with over 15 years of aviation & operations manual experience to undertake a series a workshops, going through in detail each section of the Manual to the template in CAP722.  The Workshop in total takes upto 6 hours (with plenty of breaks & lunch / dinner).  Electronic copies of the template are given to students before the course and attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops into the workshop to fill in template sections themselves as the workshop progressess.  During the last 2 hours of the workshop students are left to complete the manual whilst receiving guidance from our external consultant if required.  

This method is the most straight forward & time efficient way to complete your Operations Manual and will literally save you weeks of guess work or lots of email exchanges as is the way with our competitors.