CDT Offshore UAV Workshop

This practical and theoretical workshop supports Duty Holders and ISC Contractors to operate their own UAVs offshore in line with Oil & Gas UK Published Guidance.  Using over 30 years of Offshore Oil & Gas experience worldwide in Operations, Maintenance and Drilling,  this compliments our UAV services to deliver service excellence.  

Operating UAVs in-house offers a huge reduction in OPEX and CAPEX spending,  using core crew allows the UAV to be used for a range of tasks which would otherwise be done by a 3rd party specialist.  Technology advancements mean that UAVs are becoming far easier to use and allows greater flexibility in their use. We have already training personnel from one operator from getting their PfCO through to developing their operations manual.

  •  Training using ASCTEC Falcon 8 and Professional DJI Systems.
  • Operation of equipment in potentially Hazardous Areas
  • Planning UAV tasks, SIMOPS and ISSOW activities
  • Operations Manual and procedure development Support
  • Advanced flying techniques
  • Competency management
  • Specification of suitable systems and operational spares.