Safety test proposal for drone users

The BBC has reported 'Anyone who buys a drone in future in the UK may have to register it and take a safety test'

CDT has found out this may be the outcome of a new government consultation on strict uav safety rules.

Also there may be tougher fines / penalties for anyone who flies a drone / UAV in a no-fly zone, with the possibility of being charged with a criminal offence of misuse of a drone.

Drone use has become huge in the past few years, with drones / UAV available in high street shops.

The government says drones have massive economic potential and are already being used by everyone from the emergency services, marine, survey, conservation groups, energy companies and transport firms.

The Aviation Minister, Lord Ahmad, said while the vast majority of drone users were law-abiding, "some are not aware of the rules or choose to break them putting public safety, privacy and security at risk".