Commercial Drone UAV Training in Aberdeen - Scotland

Commercial Drone Training in Scotland

Commercial Drone Training Ltd and Cabro Aviation Ltd have announced that courses are being run in Aberdeen to provide commercial drone uav pilot flight training, ground school and testing for unmanned aircraft operation, commonly known as drones.  The course will report back to the Civil Aviation Authority that students who pass the three day course have demonstrated the capability and to operate unmanned aircraft of under 20kg.

The Civil Aviation Authority have published guidance on operating drones, and providing such approved courses contribute to airspace and the public’s safety by ensuring they are flown by competent pilots.

CDT are a CAA approved training provider based in Devon ad Cabro Aviation are a flight training facility based at Aberdeen International Airport.   

Drones are being used for a wide range of commercial activities such as oil rig, power line and structural surveys, to commercial photography and video production. With the increase in demand for such work, the requirement for competent pilots will be in demand.