Coverdrone creates flexible insurance to cover flexible pilot requirements

Coverdrone has just made its insurance policy offering more flexible, now being available in a range of policy timing periods.

The flexible insurance offering now offers timing periods from 24 hours to annual cover, and has allowed customers to buy policies by registering with the their app, Coverdrone website or by telephone.

Commercial organisations are now automatically provided with Civil Aviation Aviation Authority registration forms once registered with Coverdrone.

For more details on CAA approved Commercial Drone Training courses contact

DJI enters European education and research area on partnership with University

DJI has partnered with the Polytechnic University of Turin in a move to establish the drone manufacturer in education and research markets.

China-based DJI is hoping to use the Turin University’s knowledge of education within the industry to play a part in its drone curriculum.

The partnership lays out the key principles for the cooperation and sets out how DJI and the University will work together on setting the industry standards for drone curriculum, including best practices for enterprise applications.

Commercial Drone Training undertake UK CAA PfCO training and testing in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Ramsgate, Sheffield and Newton Abbot. For more information visit us at

Amazon five-year delay on drone delivery service

Amazon CEO’s promise 5 years ago to offer a drone delivery service by 2018 has not come about.

After lots of excitement around Amazon delivering parcels by drone , Amazon has not yet told CDT when the offering will be ready.

Amazon did successfully undertake a practice delivery in the UK two years ago and expanded its Prime Air team  but due to CAA regulation and legal set backs the drone service is maybe some time off being delivered - pardon the pun…...

Commercial Drone Training PfCO courses are available throughout the country, more details are found on

Commercial Drone Training Kent

CDTs 3 day Kent Commercial Drone Training course in Ramsgate provides UK CAA PfCO ground school, flight test & operations manual completion workshop at one cost of £500 + VAT.  

Enabling you to gain your PfCO in Ramsgate and qualify as a Commercial Drone Pilot in one location.

Next CDT PfCO Kent course commences October 15th 2018 - click here for more details or email

The UK CAA PfCO Ramsgate Kent Drone Course ground school is based at the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Accommodation from £60 per night is also available on site allowing you to stay and complete your training in one location. The flying element of the course is undertaken on 5 acres of private land on the outskirts of Ramsgate.

Commercial Drone Training Completed PfCO Course in the March 2018 Snow Storms

Commercial Drone Training completed a 5 day PfCO residential course over the recent snowy period.  The residential students were able to fly outdoors before the snow came then moved indoors into our indoor flying facility, one of the biggest sports halls in the South West.

With the site cut off the students ate in the Bistro as normal and carried on with lessons / workshops.

The CDT Hilux helped ferry students around site and led a Convoy of Vehicles out of the site on the last day.  Some students opted to stay a 6th day to allow the roads to clear.

Commercial Drone Training train team for Drone use for inspection work at Dounreay near Thurso

Commercial Drone Training trained the drone team that is now being used at Dounreay, the Scottish nuclear site for work that can involve a risk of injury and cost thousands of pounds to be done by staff / people.

The camera-equipped drone is being flown on inspections of Dounreay's highest structures.

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) said it carries out about 50 such inspections succesfuly every year.

The nuclear power site on the north Caithness coast near Thurso is in the process of being decommissioned.

Commercial Drone Training train Devon, Cornwall & Dorset Police drone officers

Commercial Drone Training have recently completed the first wave of training / certification of 10 ARV / traffic officers of the Devon, Cornwall & Dorset Drone Unit

CDT won the tender both on quality of training and value, supplying a fully residential course, meals and flight training / testing from our 90 acre site which is our main base near Newton Abbot, Devon. 

We are training many organisations including the National Grid, Natural England & Dounreay offering an efficient fully residential training solution or training at the client site. 

Commercial Drone Training Police Drone Training

Drone Operations Manual Workshop

The completion of an Operations Manual (Vol 1) is a mandatory requirement for gaining your PfCO.  It is by far the most complex part of the course, being upto 40 pages long and usually takes a person with no aviation experience 30 hours to complete spread over weeks of spare time.

During the course CDT use an external consultant with over 15 years of aviation & operations manual experience to undertake a series a workshops, going through in detail each section of the Manual to the template in CAP722.  The Workshop in total takes upto 6 hours (with plenty of breaks & lunch / dinner).  Electronic copies of the template are given to students before the course and attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops into the workshop to fill in template sections themselves as the workshop progressess.  During the last 2 hours of the workshop students are left to complete the manual whilst receiving guidance from our external consultant if required.  

This method is the most straight forward & time efficient way to complete your Operations Manual and will literally save you weeks of guess work or lots of email exchanges as is the way with our competitors.  

CDT Offshore UAV Workshop

This practical and theoretical workshop supports Duty Holders and ISC Contractors to operate their own UAVs offshore in line with Oil & Gas UK Published Guidance.  Using over 30 years of Offshore Oil & Gas experience worldwide in Operations, Maintenance and Drilling,  this compliments our UAV services to deliver service excellence.  

Operating UAVs in-house offers a huge reduction in OPEX and CAPEX spending,  using core crew allows the UAV to be used for a range of tasks which would otherwise be done by a 3rd party specialist.  Technology advancements mean that UAVs are becoming far easier to use and allows greater flexibility in their use. We have already training personnel from one operator from getting their PfCO through to developing their operations manual.

  •  Training using ASCTEC Falcon 8 and Professional DJI Systems.
  • Operation of equipment in potentially Hazardous Areas
  • Planning UAV tasks, SIMOPS and ISSOW activities
  • Operations Manual and procedure development Support
  • Advanced flying techniques
  • Competency management
  • Specification of suitable systems and operational spares.

New guidelines for the use of drones offshore

A new publication to help guide the growing use offshore of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – also known as drones – has been published by Oil & Gas UK.

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Management Standards and Guidelines were developed by a work group set up by the trade body, involving industry and aviation safety experts, plus UAS operators.

Mick Borwell, health, safety and environment director with Oil & Gas UK, explained: “A small but increasing number of oil and gas operators are using UAS for inspections predominantly, but also for aerial photography, surveying and security.

“The technology is particularly attractive for its use in improving safety. For example, sending unmanned aircraft instead of people into confined spaces to conduct inspections reduces risk, and is also effective and efficient.  We expect their usage to grow.”

The new guidelines aim to achieve consistency with the high safety and operating standards already adopted on the UK Continental Shelf for offshore oil and gas production and helicopter flight operations.

“The intention is to encourage offshore operators planning on using this emerging technology to think about the whole operating and safety system offshore and not just the air vehicle,” said Mr Borwell.

“The guidelines have evolved from lessons learned in recent years and provide information about best practice, procedures and the certification needed to be compliant with UAS regulations. They are an important piece of work addressing the application of a new technology to the offshore environment which will help to ensure operations on the North Sea remain as safe as they can be.”

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Management Standards and Guidelines can be downloaded from the Oil & Gas UK website  and are free to members and £60 to non-members.

Issued by the Communications Team, Oil & Gas UK. For more information contact Communications Adviser Jennifer Phillips on or 01224 577279.


Safety test proposal for drone users

The BBC has reported 'Anyone who buys a drone in future in the UK may have to register it and take a safety test'

CDT has found out this may be the outcome of a new government consultation on strict uav safety rules.

Also there may be tougher fines / penalties for anyone who flies a drone / UAV in a no-fly zone, with the possibility of being charged with a criminal offence of misuse of a drone.

Drone use has become huge in the past few years, with drones / UAV available in high street shops.

The government says drones have massive economic potential and are already being used by everyone from the emergency services, marine, survey, conservation groups, energy companies and transport firms.

The Aviation Minister, Lord Ahmad, said while the vast majority of drone users were law-abiding, "some are not aware of the rules or choose to break them putting public safety, privacy and security at risk".

Drone UAV UAS Night Rating Overview

Drone UAV UAS Night Rating Overview

A night rating is a perfect way to increase revenue over the winter months, CDT are offering a full day of training and night test for £149.  See timetable and course overview below.   If you fancy getting here the night before and doing some group night practice in our 92 acre estate with one of our instructors, accommodation and breakfast is available from £20 per night. 

Commercial Drone UAV Training in Aberdeen - Scotland

Commercial Drone Training in Scotland

Commercial Drone Training Ltd and Cabro Aviation Ltd have announced that courses are being run in Aberdeen to provide commercial drone uav pilot flight training, ground school and testing for unmanned aircraft operation, commonly known as drones.  The course will report back to the Civil Aviation Authority that students who pass the three day course have demonstrated the capability and to operate unmanned aircraft of under 20kg.

The Civil Aviation Authority have published guidance on operating drones, and providing such approved courses contribute to airspace and the public’s safety by ensuring they are flown by competent pilots.

CDT are a CAA approved training provider based in Devon ad Cabro Aviation are a flight training facility based at Aberdeen International Airport.   

Drones are being used for a wide range of commercial activities such as oil rig, power line and structural surveys, to commercial photography and video production. With the increase in demand for such work, the requirement for competent pilots will be in demand.