CDT is a UK CAA NQE providing PfCO ground school & flight test, practical experience, operations manual completion workshop, accommodation & full board at our 92 acre drone friendly country estate near Exeter at one cost of

£1250* for 5 day PfCO course inc accommodation and meals (inc 2 days of extra workshops)

£1050* for 3 day fast PfCO course inc accommodation and meals .  

Enabling you to gain your PfCO and qualify as a Commercial Drone Pilot in a fraction of the time taken with our competitors in one location.


* Price of £1250 based on one single room, full board (3 meals per day) with shared facilities, a double en-suite room & full board for 5 nights is £1479 or £1399 for 4 nights.  Non-Residential full 5 day course attendance is £1000. Non-residential 3 day course (ground school, flight test & ops manual completion workshops) is only £900. 

Cheaper accommodation options are available. Full price list below .


                                                                  We can submit your PfCO application to the CAA on the day you leave the course.

Contact us direct on 07889 767 398 or email us on

Commercial Drone Training Education Ltd, Suite 21, North block, Hannahs at Seale Hayne, Devon, TQ12 6NQ

Introduction from Michael Green, Head of Training. 

CDT is not your typical UK CAA drone training school.  We have looked at the present training industry and its flaws and have designed a course that not only trains & tests the students, but gives them the opportunity to spend an extra 2 days with us if they wish at no extra cost soaking up our experience through workshops & practical exercises.  CDT can even tailor your training to suit a particular need or provide training to private groups with no minimum course attendance.

I want you to spend five days with CDT, looked after in a fully residential course setting, once you have completed your two day groundschool, theory exam & flight test, CDT will give you a further three days of practical training, including a series of operations manual workshops and two practical exercises where you can undertake simulated drone jobs under the watchful eye of our experienced team. It is noticeable how much time you will save not having to commute to a training centre or even cooking, giving more time for study and undertaking relevant evening workshops, all in your benefit.  

Benefits of training with CDT

  • Train, test, sleep, eat & socialise in one place with your fellow students / instructors.

  • PfCO CAA Operations Manual Completion Workshop

  • Practice flying on site in 1 of 3 flying areas - plenty of space.

  • Free workshops throughout course - Drone Deploy, Pix 4D, Aerial Survey, Liche, 360 pano.

  • Practice real life work scenarios

  • Instructor available untill 11pm each evening to deal with study queries / questions.

Having worked as drone instructors, flight examiners for existing NQEs & Ops manual technical authors we have spoken to a large proportion of the newly qualified drone operators coming through the existing system.  The feedback given has enabled us to create a course that helps today's new commercial drone operator in basic areas such as website production, video editing, photography techniques, showreel production and more advanced areas such as aerial survey techniques.

CDT will also task you with an on-site practical exercise completing an aerial survey of a building, giving you all the relevant planning documentation, method statements and report templates to use on future jobs.  If time permits we will carry out a search & rescue operation using a aerial thermal imaging drone to find a heat source in our on-site quarry.

Flexibility is our strong point, having a large country estate on our hands and surrounding farmland with a diverse set of buildings and landscapes and access to interesting sites we are happy to discuss any non standard training requirements you may have such as emergency services thermal imaging, search & rescue and drone security patrols.  

CDT also own a large amount of DJI drone equipment and we actively encourage you to test our different machines, helping you purchase any future drones as an informed choice , rather than guess work, possibly saving you a fortune in purchasing the wrong equipment. 

Please contact me direct on 01626 911 012 or 07889 767 398 or email me on to discuss your requirements or book online.

I hope to personally welcome you on our next training course were you can get excellent training at value for money.  Please remember to tell us of any non standard training requirements.  


Other Pricing Information

Theory Exam Resits – Free of Charge

The student may only resit after a debriefing and study plan is drawn up by the instructor.  If a student fails on the first attempt on day two of the course, he / she may re-sit on day 4 before the flight testing phase.

Flight Test Resit - Free of Charge

The student may only re-take a flight test after a debriefing and action plan is drawn up by the instructor.

A third flight test resit is £150.

Important Information

Insurance and additional PfCO application fees (£173) to the CAA are separate and payable by the student. 

PfCO initial application fees presently payable direct to the CAA are currently £173.

Insurance will be required to undertake drone activities and your flight test using your drone on our 92 acre estate.  Please email us if you require any advice on insurance cover.

Commercial Drone Training Education Ltd,  Suite 21, North Block, Seale Hayne, Howton Lane, Newton Abbott, TQ12 6NQ